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The Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Foundation
Empowering young artists

about us
The Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Foundation seeks to empower young artists from any background or country to realize extraordinary independent projects. It is our belief that this early recognition, trust, and support helps foster lifelong independence and creativity in our Fellows, in their art making and beyond.
The application cycle for the 2024 Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship is now closed. 

Questions about applying? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For anything else, write to us at
our fellows
We are tremendously proud of our past and present Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellows, a community of exceptionally creative young people with independent visions.
Visit our Fellows' page to learn more about past Fellowship projects. 
our patrons
Founded in 2014 by the family of Jeffrey Ahn, Jr., the Foundation is made possible by a visionary group of Patrons whose generous giving provides young people with the creative capital to realize extraordinary projects while experiencing what it means to be a working artist.
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