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Beckett Fine, JAJF '15 Exhibits "All The World and Your Future" in Downtown NYC Galler

Beckett Fine, the winner of the 2015 Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship, exhibited his completed Fellowship project at a gallery in New York City on October 23.

Beckett, a student at the Pierrepont School in Connecticut, spent his summer creating the multimedia installation and performance project, titled ALL THE WORLD AND YOUR FUTURE-- a reference to the elements of the world represented on Achilles's shield, the mythical inspiration for Beckett's project.

Beckett constructed a wall of inked woodblocks that he climbed with the aid of a vacuum pack, creating prints using his body during the ascent. The woodblocks contained images and words inspired by the myth of Achilles.

The combined performance and installation, which unite Beckett's interest in Japanese woodblock printing, Homer's The Iliad, and physics took place at a gallery space at 171 Elizabeth Street. Beckett performed the piece several times over the course of two days, October 23 and 24.

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