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jajf 2022 project - in progress

Series on the theme of climate change

Mixed media on paper

Rhythm Ghai,  Paradise in Danger.jpg

Paradise in Danger, ink on paper, 2021, 16 x 24 inches

The Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship is pleased to welcome its youngest ever winner, as well as its first ever winner from outside the United States: Rhythm Ghai, age 13, from New Delhi, India.

During her Fellowship summer, Rhythm intends to complete a series of large-format mixed-media works dedicated to the environments threatened by the climate crisis, as well as the activities that could reverse the damage-- thus depicting a dire situation truthfully while also conjuring certain ways out.


Using a combination of ink, charcoal, oil, and acrylic to realize her exceptionally intricate signature style, Rhythm has planned a ten-part series evoking endangered flora and fauna, the fossil fuel transition, the greenhouse effect, pollution, impacts on human health, natural calamities like earthquakes and drought, assisted migration of plants, and agroforestry, among others. 

While Rhythm has been preoccupied by these themes for some time in her work, the 2022 Jeffrey Ahn, Jr. Fellowship will enable her to explore them more deeply and execute the finished works on a larger scale than she has attempted before. 

Rhythm Ghai, Spiritual Wisdom - Water.jpg

Spiritual Wisdom - Water, ink on paper, 2021, 12 x 16 inches

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