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jajf 2018 project

Untitled (2018)

Mixed media paintings and installation


The following is an excerpt from 2018 Rivers Liu's winning project proposal:

"I intend to create larger scale paintings because I like thinking big. My vision for these are to continue my series of smaller paintings with abstract backgrounds and defined cartoon characters in the foreground, but on much larger surfaces.


"I want to keep making installations which require a lot of space and as of now I do not have a personal studio space for doing so. I have created several installations at institutions I've attended.


"My installations are always extremely interactive and public... They are also very elaborate. They require many materials but also a lot of space. I want to have more niche materials at my disposal (i.e. tar, salt, plaster, rubber, etc).


"I'm interested in crafting installations that explore, are socially aware and provocative: my main themes are sexuality and gender, as well as consumerism and capitalism..." 

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